Moderna millionaires and the double-edged sword of stock market riches


Moderna’s top executives and early investors have become astoundingly rich, even after last week’s pounding, which illustrated just how transitory stock market wealth can sometimes be. Cofounder Robert Langer holds a stake worth nearly $2.8 billion, while CEO Stephane Bancel controls $5.3 billion of stock, plus options that were valued at $1.2 billion at the end of last year.

But the new wealth doesn’t stop there. A significant swath of Moderna‘s 2,400 employees owns shares through its stock purchase plan. The company also has issued options and share grants to employees and others that have a combined paper profit of $8 billion.

“The number of millionaires [at Moderna], at least on paper, has got to be through the roof,” said Tony Mullin, a biotech human resources executive with knowledge of compensation levels throughout the industry.

Mullin witnessed the stock wealth effect in action when his former company, Watertown’s Pandion…

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