Iran: Need for All-Inclusive Crypto Regulations


Experts and private sector representatives say the parliament needs to expand the scope of cryptocurrency regulations to cover crypto trade and restrain the bureaucracy tied to obtaining government licenses.
The Majlis is in the process of developing a legal framework to allow crypto trade, said the head of the economic commission of the legislature, Mohammadreza Pourebrahimi.
He said a roadmap would be worked out for crypto-related activities. Experts have expressed reservations about the legislation saying that the parliament had not sought the views of stakeholders and market players.
Way2pay website, a local media outlet covering reports on financial technologies, has asked experts to air their views and expectations from the Majlis.
Amir Hossein Naeini, a former head of Iran’s ICT Guild, is of the opinion that no state body should be in charge of issuing licenses for crypto miners. Otherwise “a rise in rent-seeking and low-efficiency of procedures…

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