Exclusive: KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu Interview: Crypto crash impact, which coins will survive, India plans and more


In an extremely volatile world of cryptos, already crowded by hundreds of exchanges, KuCoin has positioned itself as the number 1 altcoin exchange destination within a few years, with over 700 tradable assets. The exchange is more popular among crypto traders looking for “Hidden Gems” from promising cryptocurrency, NFT, metaverse and Web3 projects.  

While the global crypto markets are currently battered by crashes, KuCoin has some ambitious plans for this year and the exchange’s CEO Johnny Lyu is confident that the future holds an “upward market”. In an exclusive interaction with financialexpress.com via email, Johnny shared details of KuCoin’s global and India plans, his views on the future of crypto after current crash and more. Edited Excerpts: 

What are your views on the current crypto crash? Where is the cryptocurrency market headed globally?

The impending global economic crisis is definitely impacting the overall situation…

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