Bad News: This “Safe” Investment Has Lost More Than the Stock Market in 2022


Stocks finished the week on a mixed note, with gains for the S&P 500 ( ^GSPC 0.51% ) and Dow Jones Industrial Average ( ^DJI 0.44% ) but a slight pullback for the Nasdaq Composite ( ^IXIC -0.16% ). Even going into a weekend during which any number of uncertain situations across the globe could worsen, investors nevertheless were confident enough in the longer-term prospects for the stock market to keep share prices up throughout much of the market.


Daily Percentage Change

Daily Point Change










Data source: Yahoo! Finance.

Many investors who have felt fear in light of the stock market’s declines so far in 2022 have looked frantically for alternatives perceived as having less risk. In particular, bonds are often portrayed as being safer than stocks, and many investors use balanced portfolio allocations to try to reduce their overall…

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