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The recent World Bank Nigeria Development Update (NDU), indeed, is a handbook on the biggest economy in Africa – the challenges, the prospects and the booby traps.

One may not agree with some of the advisories and recommendations, which is understandable as there is no one-way solution to any situation. But the completeness, inclusiveness and depth are, as usual, unparalleled.

Touching on the wobbly growth, tumbling revenues, unsustainable subsidies, unmatched fiscal mechanisms, redundant monetary policies, and faulty trade policies among many other thrusts, the report unearths the country’s pain points, making them as plain as possible.

The report also highlights the many near-misses of recent times while making recommendations on the path the immediate to long-term plans could follow.

Perhaps, the launch of the document comes in handy. First, the Muhammadu Buhari administration is in its twilight. This makes the…

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