‘Build Back Better’ would be utter poison for struggling economy


Veep Kamala Harris is the latest Bidenite to push the line that “Build Back Better” will fix the US economy. Hah! President Biden’s plan would hurt Americans whenever it passed, but with the economy in fragile shape, it’s hard to think of a worse time for it than now.

Consider: Washington has already OK’d nearly $6 trillion for “COVID-19 relief” since March 2020 — plus another $1.2 trillion just passed for infrastructure, all of it juicing demand. Generous handouts pushed by Dems, like unemployment bonuses, have made it easier for people to stay home from work, fueling a supply-chain crisis. And Biden’s anti-fossil-fuel policies have driven up energy costs.

The result: The worst inflation in more than a generation, rapidly eroding Americans’ purchasing power. More unfilled jobs than people seeking work. Bare shelves and consumers unable to get goods they need. Heating costs that may prove crippling…

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