5 Facts to Understand Mergers: The Benefits, Review Process, and Proposed Changes


The United States is home to the most dynamic economy in the world thanks in part to vigorous competition in the marketplace and a healthy mergers and acquisition (M&A) environment. In fact, the U.S. was the global leader in M&A activity last year, accounting for nearly half of the $5.8 trillion in deals globally.

However, some in Washington think the government should play a much larger role overseeing M&A activity—remaking the U.S. economy with a government-knows-best approach.

Before such drastic changes are made, it’s important to understand the benefits of merger activity for consumers and the economy as well as the government’s highly successful track record in challenging problematic mergers.

Here is a quick refresher:

1. Mergers are a vital part of our economy that benefit consumers.

In any given year, more than a thousand mergers occur in the U.S., strengthening our economy, boosting global competitiveness, improving…

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