Scam warning in the Midlands as man’s life savings are ‘wiped out’


People are being urged to exercise extreme vigilance to the rising prevalence of online investment scams after a local man saw his entire life savings “wiped out” overnight.

Terence Keighran from Gortletteragh in East Leitrim was left with just €50 in his bank account and forced to rely on his elderly mother’s pension on more than one occasion in the aftermath of an incident which is now subject to a major garda investigation.

An engineering teacher by profession, Terence told of how he began investing money with a company he initially believed was both fully transparent and legitimate.

“It started in November 2020,” recalled Terence.

“I began by transferring a five figure sum via bank transfer and it just went from there.”

After seeing his initial investment sizably increase within a matter of months, Terence opted to advance further money.
His faith in the authenticity of the company he had invested…

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