Fraud Watch | Elliott Greenblott: The scam man cometh dressed as the IRS | Business


It’s tax time regardless of which state you call home: the tax man cometh.

As in past years, criminals see this annual ritual as an opportunity combining emotion, anxiety, fear, anger (or at least dissatisfaction) and a sense of civic duty. Tax scams appear in email messages linked to phony websites and intrude as urgent phone calls or text messages. They alert us to tax payment, refund or taxpayer record issues.

Regardless of the delivery method, the message commonality is urgency, and the issues are somewhat similar: a problem with your taxpayer account, failure to pay your entire tax bill, unauthorized access to your tax records or a tax refund in jeopardy. Frequently, the recipient is anxious, frightened, angry or concerned and falls under what the scammer refers to as “the ether,” a heightened sense of…

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