Coweta Business Aims to Hire Veterans After WWII Pilot Inspired Company Years Ago


A Coweta business is making it part of its mission to hire veterans whenever possible after the company hired an 80-year-old WWII pilot who inspired them.

VIP Technology is a small business off Highway 51 in Coweta, with a big appreciation for veterans, and the way they approach work.

At the company’s warehouse, there are cables and blinking lights, because their work focuses on computers, the internet and phones.

But up on a wall in the office, is a picture that keeps a WWII pilot’s legacy alive.

“Inevitably, this is what happens. They walk through this room and they go, ‘Tell me about that picture, what’s the story behind it?’ VP of Sales Chris Leffingwell said. “And then I have the opportunity to tell them about Dub and then I’ll say something like, ‘He’s the reason you’re here.’”

Leffingwell got to know Durward Hall, who went by “Dub,” at a Coweta coffee shop. Leffingwell hired Dub in 2003 when he was 80. He died three years later.


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