Consumer is Suing Amazon, Saying the Retail Giants Should be Taking Action to Stop Scams – NBC Los Angeles


The I-Team often warns you about scams involving Amazon, where a scammer tricks you into believing they’re reaching out on behalf of the company. The scams vary, but the result is always the same: the consumer is duped out of hundreds or thousands of dollars. And now one consumer is suing Amazon, saying the retail giants should be taking action to stop these scams.

Amy Oates showed us a stack of gift cards worth $3,000 that she unknowingly turned over to a scammer. The scammer had called Oates, saying he worked for Amazon and that her account had been compromised. To secure her account, he asked Oates to buy gift cards and share the 16-digit numbers on the back of the card. Confused and flustered, Oates did what he asked.

“As they were asking me to do it, it didn’t make any sense to me. And I was concerned about what they were asking me to do, and they kept assuring me, ‘Oh everything will be fine, everything will be back in order,'”…

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