Big League Advance is a Major League Scam targeting the prodigious and vulnerable


Francisco Mejia was in his fourth season as a minor league prospect with the Cleveland Indians when his mother fell ill back home in the Dominican Republic. Money was required and fast to fund medical treatment. That was when the 21-year-old sat down with the people from a company called Big League Advance who loaned him $360,000 against 10 per cent of all his future earnings as a professional. They were taking a chance heā€™d make it to the show one day, he was doing what he could to help his stricken mom in that particular moment.

By the time Mejia made the majors, he realised the folly of the contract he signed and engaged lawyers to try to wriggle out of the lopsided deal, alleging the predatory outfit took advantage of the fact he left school at 14 and spoke very little English.

He eventually…

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