Biden’s Afghan blunder hurts India and helps China


President Biden has bet that exiting Afghanistan will strengthen the U.S. in its competition with China. But he may have overlooked an important detail: This withdrawal threatens the Quad, a vital component of American strategy in Asia.

Composed of America, Japan, India and Australia, the Quad was revived four years ago amid growing concern about an assertive China. On Sept. 24, Mr. Biden will host the first in-person summit of leaders of the grouping. The message is unambiguous: Flanked by fellow democracies, the U.S. is gearing up to oppose Chinese belligerence. And Wednesday’s announcement of a new three-way defense pact among the U.S., U.K. and Australia makes the same point.

But instead of fortifying the Quad, the haphazard American withdrawal from Afghanistan may have weakened it. The return of Taliban rule in Afghanistan is an unambiguous strategic setback for India and, at least in the near term, a triumph for…

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