Biden Shouldn’t Ignore the Perils of Ideological Competition


One of the Biden administration’s favorite foreign policy themes—right up alongside developing a “foreign policy for the middle class”—is that the United States, its partners and allies are waging an ideological battle with authoritarian powers over the future of the global order.

Writing in the Washington Post before his first overseas trip in June, President Joe Biden reiterated the point. In his view, democracies need to prove to the world they are united, equipped and skilled enough to deal with the multitude of challenges defining the 21st century. “Everyone at the table understood and understands both the seriousness and the challenges that we are up against and the responsibility of our proud democracies to step up and deliver to the rest of the world,” the president told reporters after the G7 summit.

But is basing U.S. foreign policy on an ideological struggle really the most effective course of action?

The democracy-versus-autocracy…

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