Biden Must Prepare US Public for Rivalry in US-China Relationship


Editor’s Note: WPR editor-in-chief Judah Grunstein is filling in today for Stewart Patrick, who will be back next week.

U.S. President Joe Biden will hold a video summit today with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, their first face-to-face encounter since Biden took office in January. The meeting, which is reportedly the culmination of background exploratory talks over the past month, follows several high-profile encounters between top-level officials that veered toward the explosive. Sparks flew in Anchorage, Alaska, when both sides’ senior diplomats met for the first time in March. More recently, Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state, faced an acrimonious reception in Tianjin when she visited in July.

The leaders’ summit suggests that both sides might be ready to lower the temperature a bit, even if only to find a more productive modus operandi for managing relations. It takes place after five years of heightened tensions and…

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