Biden is blowing it on the economy | VICTOR JOECKS


To preside over a roaring economy, all President Joe Biden had to do was nothing. For someone who campaigned from his basement and avoids news conferences, that shouldn’t have been difficult.

As Thursday’s GDP numbers show, however, the Biden economy continues to disappoint. Forecasters had predicted the economy would grow by 8.4 percent. Instead, it grew by 6.5 percent. The 400,000 new unemployment insurance claims were also higher than the expected 380,000.

Under Biden’s watch, sour economic news is the new normal. Inflation is significantly straining family budgets. The prices of everything from groceries to lumber to housing to cars to gasoline have increased. Even toy prices are set to jump before the Christmas shopping season, according to reports. In June, the month-over-month increase was almost 1 percent. Compared with a year ago, prices are up 5.4 percent.

The rhetoric around inflation is concerning, too. In March, Treasury…

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