Biden attends dignified transfer at Dover for those killed in Afghanistan


The President’s attendance at what the military calls a “dignified transfer” is among the gravest responsibilities for any American commander in chief, a searing reminder of the consequences of his decisions and the weight of the job. In withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan, Biden hopes to be the last US president to witness war dead returned home from that country.

The 13 service members whose remains arrived at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday morning were among the 6,000 US troops Biden deployed to assist in a massive airlift evacuation, and were killed in a terrorist attack outside the Kabul airport gates last week, a deadly coda in the final days of America’s longest war. More than 170 other people died in the suicide blast.

Other costs of war became evident later Sunday. A US drone strike on an explosives-laden vehicle that US Central Command had said posed an “imminent ISIS-K threat” to Kabul’s airport also killed nine members of one family,…

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