beyerdynamic PHONUM speakerphone review: Be heard, loud and clear


There has been a flurry of work from home enablers in the past few months. Not all of them are new, but they are certainly coming into the limelight now for obvious reasons. The latest to hit our radar is the beyerdynamic PHONUM, a Bluetooth speakerphone meant for those like me who are jumping from one call to the other, but more than often crying out to be heard.

The beyerdynamic PHONUM is a slightly large but compact disc-like device that can sit on your desk. It uses a USB-C cable to charge and can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth –- it did not show up on my MacBook though for pairing.

The round speaker mesh is surrounded by touch buttons for volume control, paring and mute. Once you are connected on a call, new buttons light up letting you disconnect the call when needed. If you tap on the volume buttons you get a good audio feedback.

I was hoping to use the speaker on my Zoom calls, but this worked for me only via the phone. The Phonum…

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