Beware of the No. 1 scam on Black Friday


It’s an oldie, but a baddie.

Supply-chain issues and shortages of certain electronics, toys and other products, the holiday season and letting off steam after a second year of a global pandemic have all created a perfect storm for would-be thieves.

The Federal Trade Commission said there were 57,769 online shopping fraud reports from Jan. 1 to Oct. 18, followed by travel scams (46,458), diet scams (15,713), government imposters (12,491) and business imposters (8,794).

And the No. 1 way of contacting would-be victims? Believe it or not, it’s old-fashioned email. Those pesky phishing links were the point of contact resulting in 19,107 fraud reports over that same period.

β€œBlack Friday is fertile ground for scams.”

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