Beware of gift card scams | H. Dennis Beaver | Columnists


My paralegal Anne buzzed me:

“Dennis, you have readers from Palm Springs on the line, 90-year-old mom and her 55-year-old son. He is trying to prevent her from sending money to scammers using a gift card.”

That call could not have come at a better time, as I had just interviewed attorney Matthew du Mée, chief counsel in the Consumer Litigation Unit of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office about this very issue – gift card scams.

“We Are about to Turn off Your Electricity”

“Mr. Beaver, my mom, Bertie, said that her electricity was about to be turned off unless she paid the utility bill which she thought was already paid.”

Bertie said, “I am afraid of losing my A/C so that’s what I was going to do – to go to a 7-11 as the nice gentleman on the phone who called from the power utility said to avoid having my…

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