Beware of Fake Vacation Booking Websites Posing as Airbnb


5 common scams threatening Airbnb users

Airbnb warns of five common scams, which are not unique to its platform.

1. Advance-fee scam: Someone offers to pay you or give you something if you pay through a service outside of Airbnb.

2. Phishing scam: Someone sends an email or link that appears to be from Airbnb or another trusted site. Such messages try to deceive you into providing confidential information such as passwords.

Phishing messages may contain malicious software to gain access to your computer to gather your personal information, including passwords, the company says.

3. Travel scam: Someone offers you a great deal on a listing if you pay or send a deposit with a wire transfer. After receiving your money, the other party doesn’t provide the reservation advertised.

4. Overpayment scam: Someone offers…

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