Better Business Bureau offers tips to skip stress, avoid holiday shopping scams


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) this week is advising shoppers—both online and in-person—to be aware of scams and plan ahead to make the most of Black Friday shopping.

As with last year, the BBB expects more people to avoid crowds by shopping online. Some big box stores, including Target, have cut their weekend hours by closing their doors altogether on Thanksgiving Day.

Meanwhile, online retailers have been ramping up for brisk business. Many have launched early Black Friday sales.

Shoppers may find, however, that this year isn’t quite the same as holiday shopping seasons of yore.

While supply chain snags and slow-downs have decreased, they’re still a factor in the quantity and types of goods in stores. It’s also a factor in the higher prices for some of those must-have gifts.

According to a recent analysis, “the holiday shopping season is predicted to have 4.7 million packages a day beyond what the system can possibly absorb or…

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