Better Business Bureau discusses ‘Emergency Call’ scam


JACKSON, Tenn. — The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South is warning Tennesseans of a new phone scam going around.

The bureau says in just West Tennessee alone, there have been seven reported cases of losses totaling over $5,000.

Nationwide, the BBB reports another 157 totaling over $100,000.

Daniel Irwin, with the BBB, says it’s all linked to a new scam using a unique device.

“These types of scams are associated with what we call ‘Emergency Scams.’ There’s some kind of hook. They’re trying to get you to give money in some way. They’re impersonating someone else, whether it be you or whether it be a family member, but they’re impersonation type scams,” Irwin said.

People are receiving a phone call where the person on the phone has the identical voice of a family member. In reality it isn’t them.

Irwin says the voices are most likely spoofed from a separate spam call.

“A lot of times when you get an unsolicited, what we call…

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