Best And Worst Cities For First-Time Homebuyers 2022


In the COVID-fueled real estate boom, home prices continue hitting new highs. Soaring values are a windfall for homeowners but a headache for first-time homebuyers, who can be forgiven for feeling as though homeownership moves further out of reach by the week.

For frustrated home shoppers, moving to a cheaper housing market offers one solution to the affordability conundrum. Some metropolitan areas offer an enticing combination of affordable real estate, a robust job market and high marks for safety, public health and cultural amenities.

The 2022 Bankrate Best Metros for First-Time Homebuyers study crunched 11 data points for the nation’s 50 largest metro areas. We found that Pittsburgh ranks as the most attractive place for first-time buyers, followed by other inland cities that offer a combination of affordable homes, strong local economies and housing markets that aren’t too frothy.

At the opposite end of the scale, the least attractive region is…

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