Bernie Madoff’s prison medical records reveal he had toes amputated


Bernie Madoff’s prison medical records reveal he had his toes amputated before he died and was so sick with renal failure that he was hallucinating and screamed at doctors ‘Help! I hate this f****** place!’

  • Madoff died in April aged 82 at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, NC 
  • He’d been in prison since 2009, when he was caught operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history 
  • His health deteriorated significantly in prison and by the end, he was ‘confused’ 
  • He had two of his toes amputated in March because they were infected with gangrene, a common side effect of renal failure
  • Madoff underwent surgery on his prostate in 2014 and had an angioplasty the previous year
  • He once ‘fell’ on a water fountain in 2009 and broke his nose and one of his ribs
  • The disgraced financier fell out of bed in the days before his death in April
  • He is survived by his wife Ruth; his two sons Mark and Andrew died before him 

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