BDO’s Stan Gallo’s tips for avoiding scams


Every day we are being bombarded by scammers trying to steal our personal information and money. Here are some ways to protect yourself, your staff and your business.

We’re in the middle of Scams Awareness Week so let’s talk all things scams!

The current landscape for scammers is ripe, and it isn’t just email. People are also being inundated with false text messages and phone calls all aimed at catching out the unwary.

The “Tax Office” and the “Federal Police” have apparently been trying to serve arrest warrants on me for months now and “Australia Post” is lining up to send me parcels I never ordered if I just pay the outstanding tax fees. I have a few unexpected inheritances from countries I have never been to just waiting on a couple of minor payments before I receive my bequeathed fortune, which I can then invest in some ‘never before shared’ cryptocurrency opportunities favoured by the rich and famous!

On an almost daily basis,…

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