BBB warns of scam messages


The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin is warning people about messages from scammers who claim to be a multi-million-dollar Powerball winner.Manuel Franco, of West Allis, claimed in April 2019 a $768 million lottery jackpot. The BBB said reports to its “Scam Tracker” show scammers are using his name to send out text messages, social media messages, phone calls and emails phishing for personal information.The messages tell the recipients they’ve “been chosen” to receive free money from Franco.The bogus emails even include a link to a legitimate article from Franco’s 2019 news conference.Before winning his jackpot, Franco worked at Target.After winning, he was known to personally hand out some gift cards to random shoppers.”This scam involves impersonators attempting to lure in victims to steal their personal information,” Wisconsin BBB president and CEO Jim Temmer said. “This is dangerous. We’ve seen this before, and…

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