BBB warns holiday shoppers to watch out for Internet grinches


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Supply shortages are convincing holiday shoppers to start early this year and the Better Business Bureau is urging extra caution when shopping on the web.

The Better Business Bureau is saying, with so many consumers turning to the internet, you are more likely to get scammed if you buy something on the web than any other transaction. And if you do get ripped off it is going to be harder to get your money back.

Internet scams come in all shapes and sizes, employment scams, identity theft, Social Security scams, but now the Better Business Bureau has found the ripoff that is the most prevalent on the web is online purchases.

“It used to be employment scams, but because everybody started shopping online during the pandemic, a lot of retailers were closed, we just saw such a spike in it,” said Melanie McGovern, Better Business Bureau.

Melanie McGovern, of the Better Business Bureau, told us, the BBB’s…

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