BBB, USPS warning people about ‘package mule’ scams


DENVER — The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a new scam that people are starting to fall for. They’re known as ‘package mule scams’ and involve thieves who get your credit card number and then use the billing address that you have listed to steal items from you.

Tracee Perkins recently fell victim to a scam like this. She tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers that someone charged a laptop computer to her credit card that showed up as a purchase on her statement for more than $2,100.

The United States Postal Service and private delivery companies have all issued warnings about the scams that usually originate in eastern European companies and Nigeria.

Perkins filed a police report and contacted the company that sold the laptop. The company provided a statement confirming the purchase was fraudulent.

Ezra Coopersmith, a fraud investigator for the Better Business Bureau tells the Problem Solvers…

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