Battlefield Portal | confirmed maps, news & how the 2042 mode works


At the EA Play Live 2021 live stream, the developers from EA DICE revealed Battlefield Portal, a brand-new game mode for Battlefield 2042 which could be a total game-changer… literally!

In this game mode, players will be able to create custom experiences, putting their own unique stamp on a number of maps for online play. And those maps aren’t just new ones from Battlefield 2042 – some of them are rebuilt versions of classic maps from the franchise’s history.

When we took an early look at the Battlefield Portal mode during an online live stream, saw a truly jaw-dropping level of customisation on offer. You can tailor your own mini-modes to include very specific rules, from the number of players to the types of weapons and characters that are capable of spawning on the map.

So if you wanted to do a ‘snipers versus shotguns’ mode, you could. Or if you wanted to do something weird like having defibrillators…

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