Bastion Balance: Avoiding Investment Risks

Bastion Balance Seoul, Korea- Investment Risks and scams

Exploring risk management and growing wealth with us.

With the ongoing and unpredictable global inflation, finding the right partner for your business is one of the critical components to keep a business going. Founded in the year 1999, Bastion Balance was built to provide quality service to our clients. Our company aims to help clients in wealth management and protect the client’s assets. The trust from our clients is the main driving force to continuous improvement in providing financial security, holistic wealth management, and quality of life.

The company’s mission is:

  • Above all else, protect client assets.
  • Treat every client and staff member with dignity and respect.
  • Generate above average, risk-adjusted returns.
  • Leverage technology to improve communication and trade execution.
  • Secure access to higher-return investments like IPOs and private placements.
  • Provide employees with an equal opportunity meritocracy.

Risk Management, Investment Risks and Interest Risk

Risks in business come in many forms. It could be in the form of interest, inflations, capital, currency, and geopolitical risk, etc. Investors face threats, and these circumstances are inevitable.

Risk management in businesses is a matter of defining situations or circumstances that could have a possible anti-effect on a client’s businesses. Through identifying, assessing, and evaluating, we can refine these risks.

These steps are to construct a thorough and practical plan to prevent the rise of mishaps in a business. For investors with cash positions, market volatility is an example that gives purchasing opportunities to look and review one’s investment plans. Through this, balancing portfolios is at its best.

It is the fact that the behavior of the market is not always in our favors; management of loss can be through the investment choices of an investor. In managing investment risks, there could be different strategies professionals use in finance: Fixing income is one of these strategies.

Fixing remuneration can be done through working your distributions of assets. Asset Allocations is an integral part to secure investments through setting a variety of stocks, bonds, short investments with regards to investors preferences. Asset Location, on the other hand, is finding the matching investment with an account. The point of doing is to minimize taxes.

An interest rate is a percentage charged by the lender or banks for the utilization of its cash. The foremost is the sum of money loaned. Interest rate risk is the general danger of how increments in financing costs will influence different investments. In financial markets, inflation and interest rate risk can trigger colossal instability. Bond costs are adversely connected to intrigued rates, particularly bonds with longer terms and lower rates.

Cost of borrowing cash to purchase stocks is affected by higher interest rates. But nothing is more worth alerting than investment scams. Although some companies are true to their mission and service to the public, being vigilant in taking offers and opening our partnership to motivational speakers and investment experts is one of the most important components in investing. Protecting personal assets and data must be the top priority as scam investments are everywhere.

 Growing Wealth

At Bastion Balance, we offer a wide range of services through financial, portfolio, retirement, and even estate planning and tax sheltering strategies. Everyone is welcome to join as we expand our services all over the world through our advanced and innovative technologies to ensure smooth communication with our clients.

With world-class advisors are available to back up our client’s in their plans based on our client’s preferences, risk tolerance, how to get away from a scam, and timeline. As preserving and conserving the wealth of our clients to a secure future is vital for us, rest assured that our advisors are capable, knowledgeable, and are experts in this field, this is to ensure the success of our client’s investment goals. Building an investment portfolio is a composite step as a well-diversified portfolio of equities, and laddered bonds is one of the critical actions taken by investors for the long term.

Once our clients are decided to partner with us, with the assistance of an investment advisor, opening a personal account and completing a form is the primary requirement. The backbone of our client’s specific investments is the allocation of parameters of our client’s assets; this is the first step we establish to a successful goal.

There are no worries in the monitoring of the rise and falls of our client’s financial markets and investments as our company’s advisors are also the in-charge of tracking, with of course, through regular communication.

The next step we take our clients into is a one-on-one conversation of what’s the client’s definition of wealth. We need to specify and clarify to clients their goals and which paths they want to take is a crucial part of mapping out the safest and effective route to get our clients to their end goals. Planning of personal investments must be stripped one-by-one. The questions that must be answered by our clients to guide our company advisor are: what kind of growth the client seeks?

How high/low is the client’s risk tolerance? What concerns the clients are dealing? And when the clients want to access the funds? While an investment portfolio is a complicated step, this is one of the most effective on achieving a long-term goal and at the same time managing risks.

Market volatility should not be a worry as advisors will help in navigating the financial market and adapting investments based on our client’s life situations and time frame. Step-by-step our advisors will work close to our clients to prepare them in the inevitable cases of their investments.

Consequently, the company cannot guarantee clients with 100% investments returns as the company stamps long-term progress. Still, we try the best to ensure investment is consistent with the client’s needs and preferences, and will be away from scam artists. As swings and changes in markets are always present, our advisors are still there to help remind us to anticipate this kind of situation. But more importantly, focusing on the long-term goal and thorough decision making slowly but surely will still give a positive plan.

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