Barry Sternlicht says has long-term concerns on the U.S. economy


Global investor Barry Sternlicht told CNBC on Thursday he has some long-term concerns about the U.S. economy, saying there are risks beyond the immediate boom from the Covid recovery.

In a wide-ranging interview on “Squawk Box,” the billionaire businessman worried about numerous shortages in the economy and criticized the Federal Reserve’s highly accommodative monetary policy policy and legislative proposals in Washington.

“I do think the Fed, interest rates, are being suppressed by the government. …. We have to get off of this sugar-cane and Fluffernutter economy and get to the meat-and-the-potatoes economy,” Sternlicht said. “We have to get back to a sustainable economy and people coming back to work.”

The chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group pointed to recent Labor Department data that showed a record number of job openings in March. “Something is wrong,” he said.

Sternlicht, whose firm operates hotels as part of its broader portfolio, said…

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