Bank backtracks, agrees to refund Dunedin scam victim

A Dunedin pensioner fleeced by cyber criminals who gained access to his Westpac online bank accounts then drained almost $100,000 was brought to tears after learning the bank has belatedly agreed to refund his stolen money.

But Ray Johnson says he’s disappointed it took intervention from The New Zealand Herald for Westpac to have a change of heart, after earlier refusing to reimburse the retired wool grader for the missing cash.

“I think that made a hell of a lot of difference because they were refusing, refusing, refusing. It took publicity.”

A banking expert believes Westpac has likely breached the Code of Banking Practice and says Johnson could now have a claim for damages.

“It absolutely would be stressful for him and causing him a lot of concern, and it really was unnecessary,” Massey University banking expert Associate Professor Claire Matthews said.

Johnson (71) discovered the money had been siphoned from his…

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