Bangladesh-France Defence Cooperation in the New Era of Geopolitics


In this essay, I look into the dilemma that sovereign states have when it comes to choosing between their unofficial right to nuclear deterrence and coming to harmonious terms with the global community’s efforts to manage the proliferation of nuclear weapons under a regulatory governance regime. Both contemporary and historical instances are being considered for this brief analysis.


One week away from today, Iran’s new administration, headed by President Ebrahim Raisi, who took office in August earlier this year, will engage in its first-ever negotiation with the world powers in Vienna on reviving the nuclear deal that was agreed in 2015, but it has been caught in a state of limbo since 2018 with the withdrawal of the United States from it that year. Negotiations will resume after a gap of five months on November 29.

Further away, in the Korean peninsula, tensions have been stirring up lately with the testing of

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