Balanced world possible on basis of stable rules in int’l relations — Putin – Business & Economy


MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. A balanced world is possible on the basis of stable common rules agreed and adopted by the world community, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday at a plenary session of the Russia Calling! VTB Capital investment forum.

“We need to build such a model of international relations where all members of the international community could feel equal and where common rules are adopted,” he noted. “Not to live by somebody else’s rule established by no one knows who and how, but to live by common rules, agreed and adopted by the world community. It means to live by stable rule.”

“If we manage to do it in the sphere of trade relations, when the world’s leading economies do not impose their will on weaker economies and don’t teach them how to build their trade policy, when they don’t hamper investments, don’t ban settlements in certain currencies <…> if we try to build such relations, then, I think, we will be…

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