Back-to-school shopping scams: Watch out for ads on social media and prices too good to be true


As families get ready for the new school year, the B.C. Better Business Bureau is warning of a likely rise in online shopping scams.

Since the start of 2021, the agency has received nearly 400 complaints from people who were duped while shopping online, and with many students soon embarking on new purchases for gadgets and learning devices, the BBB is raising the alarm.

“With many consumers likely to start browsing and shopping online for school supplies in the next few weeks, there is concern that these reports could increase, along with the dollar amounts lost to scammers,” reads a statement from the bureau.

Karla Laird of the B.C. Better Business Bureau says that if you’re buying tech gadgets that you need for school, and spending hundreds of dollars on the devices, it’s important that you know the company that you’re purchasing it from.

“(If) you stumble into a scammer you could end up…

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