Avoid Being a Headline: Not all Domain Registrars are Created Equal


The SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange cyber-attacks have shown the importance of vetting third-party technology, operational processes and security controls in order to identify and mitigate supply chain risk.  Choosing a domain name registrar is such a vital decision because of the many security risks in the domain and DNS ecosystem such as phishing threats or brand infringements.

When I started my career with a domain registrar 21 years ago, companies and individuals alike only had a few accredited registrars to choose from, and the aim was to quickly secure a domain registration – so your website or email address could be fired up within minutes. What more could anyone really need from a registrar?

Fast forward to today and the last question is no longer rhetorical or at least it shouldn’t be if you are serious about corporate risk mitigation. Today’s headlines scream of online data breaches, identity theft, fraud, counterfeiting, DNS…

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