Authorities crackdown on scam texts


BANGKOK: The Ministry of a Digital Economy and Society, the telecom regulator, and the police are now cracking down on illegal gambling and loan scam websites, plus their SMS invitations sent to general phone users. Involved parties are now asked to block these messages from being sent, or face punishment should they fail to do so.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhanadirek says the government is addressing complaints from the public on the spread of text messages sent to mobile phone users by unknown senders, with links to gambling, scam, or pornographic websites, reports state news agency NNT.

Many mobile phone users in Thailand have recently received the text messages without having signed up or subscribed to any of these services, causing much annoyance and concern over data privacy.

Ms Rachada said those who send out these messages are considered punishable by law, as their action is considered an economic crime.


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