Australians more gullible than most for tech support scams – Microsoft Survey


Australians are more likely than any other nation (except India) to be victims of tech support scams. Some 24% lost money to cyber scammers.

Why are Australians more gullible? For starters, we are an affluent target. Some 68% of Windows users encountered a tech support scam, and 19% continued the interaction

A Microsoft report shows 31% of Australian Millennials (aged 24-37), 30% of Gen Xers (aged 38-53) and 16% of Gen Zers (aged 18-23) were the most susceptible and continued tech support scam interaction. 61% of these were males.

Tech support scams are a global issue. Australians experience higher-than-average tech support scams. They need to understand how these work to enable them better to protect themselves from scams. Tactics used by fraudsters to victimise users online have evolved. We are committed to online safety to help better educate people so they can avoid becoming victims.

Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel,…

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