Australian TV host brutalizes Biden for being 'determined to weaken' America, 'emboldening' enemies


Sky News Australian host James Morrow blasted President Joe Biden over the weekend, hammering Biden for being “determined to weaken America’s standing, her military, and emboldening her and our enemies.”

Speaking in a monologue on Anzac Day — Australia and New Zealand’s version of Veterans Day — Morrow said Biden is “making a mockery” of America and its allies.

“Today is Anzac Day, when we commemorate all those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedoms and fighting very often side by side with soldiers from the United States,” Morrow began.

“Which is why today, it is so depressing to look at what is happening to the U.S. under Joe Biden, who seems, for whatever reason, determined to weaken America’s standing, her military, and emboldening her and our enemies, making a mockery of a century’s worth of shared sacrifice,” he continued.

Morrow went on to bash Biden for his “green eco warrior posturing” — citing Biden being the only person on a virtual meeting with world leaders to wear a face covering — which he predicted would only embolden American enemies.

“The Biden administration’s push to go green and force its friends and allies like Australia to do the same, even as China is allowed to keep emitting and growing willy-nilly, is also going to weaken America’s ability to project power around the world,” Morrow said. “And that’s bad news for all of us.”

“Now, as enemies circle, Biden is also proposing making cuts in real terms to America’s national defense budget, and yet the biggest so-called improvements to the U.S. military under Biden have involved, yes, making sure that the Special Operations Command has a chief of diversity, though even that blew up like a Wile E. Coyote booby trap when it was revealed that the new inclusion czar spent his spare time comparing [Former President Donald] Trump to Hitler on Twitter,” Morrow continued.

Biden ‘weakening’ US military with ‘green push’ as enemies circle

The result of projecting weakness, according to Morrow, is that China and Russia