Atlantic City Electric joins Utilities United Against Scams to promote National Scam Awareness Day | Brigantine


Common schemes involve scammers’ use of technology to replicate a company’s phone number through caller ID— also known as “spoofing”— threatening to turn off a customer’s service unless they make a direct payment with a prepaid cash card. Some scams involve imposters posing as Atlantic City Electric employees to gain entry into a customer’s home to steal belongings, with other activities involving scammers sending emails to businesses, requesting that they send Atlantic City Electric payments to bogus pay sites. So far in 2021, Pepco Holdings, which includes Atlantic City Electric, customers have reported losing more than $180,000 to scammers and imposters.

Here are some tips to help identify scams:1. Atlantic City Electric will never come to a customer’s home or business to:

Ask for immediate payment with a prepaid cash card or cryptocurrency.

Ask for their Atlantic City Electric account number or other personal information, such as a…

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