At an East Anchorage restaurant, chicken, waffles and a business built on grit and community


There’s a reason behind most everything in Derrick Green’s Anchorage restaurant, Waffles and Whatnot.

The picnic benches are red in homage to his late mother, who had HIV/AIDS. Words of affirmation and praise written in Sharpie decorate nearly every wall. In the kitchen, a quote from Oprah is written in blue marker on the freezer door.

The restaurant is emblematic of the triumphs and tribulations of an entrepreneur working to build something in his community.

Waffles and Whatnot, located at 500 Muldoon Road, features a selection of chicken and waffles, often tailored to customers’ allergy and dietary restrictions.

“I think that small businesses have a responsibility to build community, especially in this divided country that we live in right now,” he said.

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