Ask McEnearney: Remember pagers? | Real Estate


We thought only doctors and drug dealers needed immediate communications. Those chunky little fashion accessories appeared in my real estate world in 1990 and suddenly “contact me now” applied to everyone. 

The buzz on your waistband meant that you had to find a phone to call someone back. Yes, in the middle of the grocery store, dog-walking or date night, a phone was needed, right away.

No messages could be left, no clue unless you recognized the phone number, and the next action took you to find a land-line phone or something called a “car phone.”  Yikes, I spent many an hour negotiating contracts from the front seat of my car.

I will stop this walk down no-tech meltdown memory lane, especially since some of my dearest clients are the same age as my first pager. Now, the world has progressed and jumped billions of…

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