ASC sends alert for Halloween scams – The Clanton Advertiser



With Halloween approaching, there are many people that can be tricked into holiday tactics set up by con artists. These con artists can create convincing websites, emails and other online tactics that can convince people to give them their money.

However, the Alabama Securities Commission issued an alert on Oct. 28 to inform people of current scams that they could see on Halloween.

One of the most common scams that people could see are phishing emails. These are phony emails that look as though they are real. Typically, the email will say that the recipient is being charged a bill, and when the individual calls the number left on the email to dispute it, the person on the other end of the line will ask for card information, tricking someone into giving away their money.

Another common con is online shopping scams, where vendors post an item for sale at a price…

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