As the Detroit man, the prostitution protagonist removed by Sony


Be the man in Detroit There should be 4 protagonists but Sony Quantic Dream decided to cut one of these protagonists: an Android prostitute.

Detroit becomes man, prostitution protagonist fired by Sony (Photo: Quantum Dream)

Apparently this choice is the basis of Sony’s decision Complete the exclusive contract For 3 games signed with the developer. Who should be the developer Problems In using your own Motor Game for creating an open world.

The news spread from Twitter and started from the account of the well known Liquor Tom Henderson Looks like there are eyes and ears everywhere. But what could have turned off the alarm bell inside Sony to the point of explicitly asking for content to be removed from a developing video game?

An audit case as a Detroit man?

Detroit man fired by prostitute Sonny (photo: Twitter)

Become a Detroit Man, c David Cage The future exists and there are androids and despite Android hunters, Quantum Dream…

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