As China rises


The Covid-19 pandemic has jolted the world in many ways, halting the progress of the world’s leading economies in the process. Reportedly 220 million people contracted the virus and 4.6 million lost their lives while fighting the disease.

The pandemic has no doubt brought great grief to humanity. Businesses have perished and millions have lost their jobs. The world economy is witnessing the worst recession since the Great Depression. Covid-19 has added immensely to public debt, stressed tensions among countries, and created vast disorder in global energy markets.

Meanwhile, the global power play also continues to enhance its influence in the areas of energy, communication, economics, military and information management. The competitiveness between the US and China was imminent due to the consistent and phenomenal growth of China. This unprecedented growth was being viewed by America as a threat to its hegemony in the world. The contest visibly…

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