Arrest of eight Black Axe members reopens wounds for Ca…


A Cape Town teacher tricked by her cyber-sweetheart has lost her pension and her home worth about R3.3-million. The teacher is now selling samoosas to make a living.

Too ashamed and embarrassed to openly talk about her experience, the  49-year-old teacher did not want to be identified and allowed a family member to speak on her behalf. 

The retired teacher, now penniless, was swindled out of about R3.3-million in 2018 by a man who claimed to be a rich tycoon from Mauritius.  

The arrest of eight foreign nationals in October 2021 in connection with an international romance scam has reopened old wounds.

“My cousin was a teacher… When she got her pension in 2018 she met this wonderful guy who said he was from Mauritius… At the age of 49 years it was her first boyfriend. Everyone warned her to be careful,” said the family member.

“It was a whirlwind romance and this guy came all the way from who knows where to our family…

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