Apple Watch Series 7 teardown reveals bigger battery, new display tech


The Apple Watch Series 7 was expected to have a bigger battery capacity than its predecessor since it offered a similar “all-day” battery life while offering a larger display. Now, a new teardown video by iFixit has confirmed the presence of a bigger battery inside the wearable.

As seen in the video, the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm variant features a 6.8 per cent larger battery while the Apple Watch Series 7 45mm variant features a 1.6 per cent larger battery. Apple also added bigger battery capacities to its entire iPhone 13 lineup this year.

Apart from this, the Apple Watch Series 7 also features a new display that despite being larger is reportedly easier to work with and that is due to the company’s new OLED display which comes with an integrated touch panel. The feature was also seen in this year’s iPhone 13 series. This also means the display can be swapped as easily as the Taptic engine and the battery.

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