Antifa — 'a myth,' 'an idea, not an organization' — meets after street 'action' to discuss strategy, warns each other to keep things secret


It appears that Antifa militants — you know, those figments of conservatives’ collective imagination, those black-clad, violent leftists who are at best “an idea, not an organization” and at worst a “myth” — have miraculously exited the pages of storybooks and landed in apparent real life.

Say what?

Conservative radio host Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM posted cellphone video — seemingly recorded on the sly — showing a group of “radical activists, including Antifa” holding an outdoor meeting in Seattle Friday night following their usual street hijinks.

During their chat, the “comrades” — a term actually uttered by one freedom fighter — discuss strategy, pat themselves on the back after they “fought with the pigs,” and emphasize not to discuss with anyone that they’ve met or their activities, as well as other methods to keep authorities at bay.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @JasonRantz

Shockingly, one militant tells the group that “autonomous doesn’t mean unorganized. So we do have to make decisions as a crew, as a team.” Seriously, since when do myths and ideas band together like … an organization?

Another militant suggests next time out they divide themselves into groups dressed as “black bloc” and “plain clothes” in order to prevent police from identifying members according to attire. In addition, another militant reminds members to look at the “Seattle [Black Lives Matter] calendar” and other groups’ activities to keep informed.

Prior to departing, one militant adds, “Once we de-bloc and leave, you weren’t at this autonomous action. So you don’t go home and talk about it. You didn’t see anything, you didn’t talk to anybody.” Another group member chimes in, “Our general policy is, ‘I didn’t see s**t or know s**t.’ If somebody asks you what you did Friday night — ‘nothin’.'”

Others also offer tips about phones, primarily to keep them turned off, to “get a burner if you can,” nont to have phones “tied to you personally,” and to make them password-protected with “no bio, no face, no thumb.”

Toward the end, another woman tells the group, “While we’re not necessarily out in the streets every night, we are doing actions every night.