Android users issued scam warning with banking details at risk


Android users are being warned they could be potential victims to a malware scam by simply answering a phone call.

The scam is designed to steal the person’s online banking information and has the ability to go undetected by the majority of antivirus scanners.

The malware variant was previously discovered in Brazil where it was distributed through Google Store applications, Cleafy researchers confirmed.

The Android scam was identified using SMS phishing, text message fraud, in order to distribute Android applications.

What is the malware affecting Android users?

The malware disguises as banking, fitness, and document scanning apps and through these has gained access to over 300,000 Android phones, The Sun reported.

The Trojan software can remotely send personal data to criminals, hack messaging apps and spread the virus to other phones using the same network.

The infected apps including QR code…

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